TIAFT 2018

Lab Visits

Possibility to visit Toxicology laboratories & emergency departments Date: post-TIAFT2018: Friday 31st of August, afternoon.
TIAFT2018 attendees interested in a visit can contact the labs below, preferable before Aug 22. If selected for the visit, they will receive joining instructions from the contact person.
  1. Laboratory of toxicology, part of the department of laboratory medicine, Leuven university hospital, Leuven
    • Maximum number of visitors: not specified
    • DCF/not DCF: both
    • Instrumentation: GCMS (Thermo Polaris Q), LCMSMS (Sciex Triple Quad 5500), LCMSTOF (Sciex TripleTOF 5600)
    • Sample preparation for LCMSMS: dilute-and-shoot methods, for plasma deproteinisation
    • Contact: Dr. Apr. Koen Desmet, +32 16 347026
  2. Emergency department of Stuivenberg hospital, Antwerp
    • Maximum number of visitors: not specified
    • DCF/not DCF: both
    • Visit of the department with explanation of protocols, procedures used
    • Contact: Dr. Kurt Anseeuw, kurt.anseeuw@zna.be
  3. Laboratory of toxicology, Ghent University
    • Maximum number of visitors: 5
    • DCF/not DCF: both (priority for DCF)
    • Topics: forensic toxicology (general) – DBS-based determination of GHB – bioassay-based screening for NPS
    • Contact: Prof. Christophe Stove, christophe.stove@ugent.be
  4. Laboratory of toxicology, department of laboratory medicine, Ghent University Hospital
    • Maximum number of visitors: 8
    • DCF/not DCF: both
    • Topics: Clinical toxicology analyses, screening for drugs in plasma with homogenous immunoassay (CEDIA), use of high-resolution MS for quantitation of therapeutic and narcotic drugs in plasma.
    • Contact: Prof. Alain Verstraete, alain.verstraete@ugent.be

The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists - Ghent Belgium
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