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Brussels National Airport - Ghent

Dear colleagues,

As many of you will arrive in Brussels National Airport, we have provided below some instructions on how to get to Ghent via train, which is the most convenient and economic option.

Upon entering the arrival hall, head slightly right, looking for signs with “Stella Artois” and "Java" (see pics below) - or simply follow the train signs ☺.

Go to level -1. To enter the train station you'll need to scan your train ticket (see below on options to purchase):

Train tickets can be bought:
  • in advance online at www.belgiantrain.be.
    • Select FROM “Brussels Airport-Zaventem” TO “Ghent-Sint-Pieters” at the date of your arrival.
    • The schedule will appear.
    • Click the orange button “Buy train ticket”.
    • Select 2nd class (there is truly little added-value in traveling 1st class).
  • at the hall where you can pick up your luggage (vending machines like the one depicted beside. Follow the instructions, similar to the description above. Note that the ticket should be “Diabolo incl.”.
  • at the train station (vending machine); cfr. above.

Please note that ticket prices are actually composed of 2 parts: there is the actual journey and some kind of tax (“Diabolo surplus”) to leave/enter the airport via electronic gates. A cheaper option may be shown but will not include this “Diabolo surplus” (5.30 € per ticket, if bought separately). Your ticket really needs to include the latter to enter the train station (scanning your ticket is required to pass through the electronic gates).

Catch the train to Ghent Sint Pieters
  • Get in a train carriage with a “2” (2nd class) on the outside.
  • Note that there are direct trains (most convenient) and trains that require a stop-over at one of Brussels’ stations (North, Central or Midi = South = Zuid).
  • Also note that there are trains that make many stops between Brussels Midi (South - Zuid) and direct trains to Ghent – obviously the latter are recommended.
  • Typically, your journey from the airport station to Ghent Sint Pieters should last about 1 hour.

When in arriving in Ghent, the most convenient option to get to many centrally located hotels may be the tramway.

To buy tramtickets: go to the front of the station and head a bit leftwards. There are vending machines and there is a ticket shop “Lijnwinkel”. In the pic below, the front of Ghent Sint Pieters train station is visible at the left hand side (background); the right hand side (front) shows the platform for the tramway.

For more information, visit visit.gent.be

Tram 1 is often a convenient option. An example of a trajectory can be found below. Consulting in advance Google maps (and typing in FROM “Station Gent Sint Pieters” TO “(your hotel)”) may be helpful.

Obviously, you can also take a taxi
Estimates about the pricing:
  • 8.50 € minimum fare (1st 3 km)
  • 2.30 €/km (3-40 km)
  • 40 €/hour waiting tariff (5 minutes for free)
  • 2.50 € surplus fare between 10 pm and 6 am

The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists - Ghent Belgium
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