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Join Sciex Seminar at TIAFT 2018

TIAFT 2018 Walking Tour and Seminar
Sunday 26th August 2018. 4.30 – 5.30 pm
Baekeland room 1 – snd floor of the conference center

How do you fancy a leisurely guided walking tour around the city of Ghent followed by an afternoon seminar with forensic science experts Professor Dr. Thomas Kraemer and Professor Dr. Apr. Christophe Stove?

The free guided walking tour will take place in the stunning historical sites and architecture of this UNESCO protected city.

Sign up to the SCIEX “Seminar and Walking Tour” today, to combine the latest in forensic research with SWATH: What can it do for you, and Microsampling for TDM and toxicology coupled with a guided tour of Ghent.

Professor Dr. Thomas Kraemer, Professor for Forensic Pharmacology and Toxicology at the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich

  • Detection of ‘New Psychoactive Substances’, such as synthetic cannabinoids, piperazines, cathinones, opioids and benzodiazepines that all require fast and flexible analytical methods
  • SWATH Acquisition’s superior detection rate compared to IDA, proven by a forced co-elution experiment and by comparing screening results of authentic forensic cases
  • Insights into the opportunities and pitfalls during method development and applications of SWATH DIA HRMS methods in forensic toxicology

Professor Dr. Apr. Christophe Stove, Laboratory of Toxicology, University of Ghent

  • Capitainer devices as a hematocrit-independent alternative for classical DBS analysis
  • Volumetric absorptive microsampling for the quantification of paracetamol in CSF and blood
  • Quantification of mephedrone and its metabolites in capillary dried blood spots

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Join Bruker’s Seminar at TIAFT 2018

The 56th TIAFT conference takes place this year in Ghent, Belgium. World-renowned experts will present the latest on topics such as alternative sampling techniques, drugs and driving, doping and New Psychoactive Substances (NPS).

As part of the event, Bruker will be hosting a seminar titled “Toxicology Screening for post-mortem samples and monitoring of drug abuse”.

Bruker’s Seminar
We invite you to join Bruker’s seminar, with the following talks:
  • Oral fluid as an alternative matrix for monitoring drug abuse in addiction medicine
    Dr. Michael Böttcher, MVZ Labor Dessau GmbH, Dessau, Germany
  • Toxicological drug screening of clinical and post-mortem samples by broadband post-targeted UHPLC-QTOF mass spectrometry
    Dr. Mira Sundström, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Helsinki, Finland
Sunday 26th August 2018, 4:30 – 5:30 pm
Baeckeland Room on the 2nd floor of the conference center

Please also visit us at our booth #B8 to meet with our experts.

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If you have any questions, please contact Anne Kropp-Schnisa at anne.kropp-schnisa@bruker.com.

We look forward to seeing you in Ghent.

Kind regards,
Your Bruker Daltonics Team

Join Shimadzu’s Seminar at TIAFT 2018

Rocking the boat - join us to discover a new powerful tool for forensic analysis

Shimadzu cordially invites you to a sundowner seminar followed by a scenic boat ride on the rivers and canals in Ghent. Travel back in time. Immerse yourself in the city of Emperor Charles V and discover hidden secrets after you learned about:

  • On-line SFE – SFC – MS: Method Development and Application
  • A systematic approach to optimization of online SFE – SFC – MS for forensic analysis
Monday, 27th August, 18:15 – 19:15

The Seminar is presented to you by Dr. Kevin A. Schug, Professor and the Shimadzu Distinguished Professor of Analytical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).

Please register below for our seminar and reserve your seat on a boat ride through the historical heart of Ghent:

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Join the Waters Corporation's Seminar at TIAFT 2018

Monday, August 27th , 18:15-19:15 
Baekeland Room , 2nd floor of the congress center.

Join us for our evening workshop at TIAFT on Monday August 27 to hear about how high resolution mass spectrometry has improved post mortem toxicology analysis and the latest developments in alternative sample matrices for drug screening and quantitation. Following the evening workshop we hope you can join us on a boat trip around historic Ghent where you can relax and network with fellow scientists, workshop presenters and Waters toxicology scientists.

We have an excellent line up of speakers who have many years of experience in the use of mass spectrometry in forensic toxicology drug screening and quantitative applications

Register in advance using the link below. Secure your spot in our workshop and on the boat tour!

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Attend our eductation seminar at TIAFT: Innovative solutions for fast and sensitive drugs of abuse screening

Tuesday August 28, 18:15 -19:15

As drug screening becomes more complex and challenging, advanced technologies are needed for screening and confirmation. Hear from two of our world renowned customers about their groundbreaking work. All seminar registrants will receive a voucher for free boat tour!


  • Screening of biofluids for detection of drugs of toxicological interest by online extraction using turbulent flow chromatography and high resolution/accurate mass hybrid quadrupole Orbitrap™ mass spectrometry*
    Speaker: Dr. Giampietro Frison, Laboratory of Environmental Hygiene and Forensic Toxicology, DMPO Department, AULSS 3, Venice, Italy
  • Simplify workflow in the lab: Screening for illicit drugs in plasma with homogeneous immunoassays and confirming with high resolution mass spectrometry
    Speaker: Alain Verstraete, Professor, MD Ghent University Hospital (Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent) Department of Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology and Immunology

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Join our Agilent Technologies scientific workshop

Opportunities for high-throughput forensic toxicology testing using accelerated liquid chromatography with MS and HR-MS detection
Speaker: Dr. Lewis Couchman, Ph.D. Facility Director, Analytical Services International Ltd., University of London, UK

The analysis of drugs in forensic toxicology is inherently complex, especially since the advent of novel psychoactive substances such as substituted cathinones and synthetic cannabinoids and, more recently, the problem of non-pharmaceutical fentanyls. Traditional methods for drugs of abuse analysis involving immunoassays and even some chromatographic techniques are not always ideally suited to detecting these compounds and/or their possible metabolites.

This workshop summarizes how the combination of Q-TOF mass spectrometry and ultra-high speed (sub-1 minute) chromatography can be utilized in both targeted analyses and screening applications for forensic toxicology

Enhancing Chromatographic Peak Shape fidelity for Accurate and Confident Blood Alcohol Determination
Speaker: Katrien Sabbe, Ph. D, Agilent Technologies, Belgium

One of the most widely used applications of headspace gas chromatography is the determination of ethanol content in blood. This analysis was performed on samples from suspects charged with driving while intoxicated, with a universal threshold value of 0.08 g/dL 1. Use of an internal standard for quantitative analysis, either n-propanol or t-butanol, assisted in compensating for matrix differences, due to their similarity to ethanol. Using the internal standard method for the calibration of ethanol resulted in lower percent errors when compared to the external standard method.

Analysis is often carried out using two columns with different stationary phases, for more reliable data. This presentation highlights the use of two Agilent columns (J&W DB-BAC1 Ultra Inert and J&W DB-BAC2 Ultra Inert) to improve the resolution of additional compounds, and inertness over time.

Please ensure to register for scientific workshop, as seats are limited.

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